The Staffordshire Artists & Makers Cooperative support local artists by offering it's first floor exhibition area on a monthly basis, at a nominal charge.

If you would like to take this opportunity to exhibit your work please drop in and pick up an application form. Give Gallery at 12 a call on 01785 850757. Places be aware dates are limited.

Our rental agreement is located at the bottom of this page . . .
March 2015
Mixed Media
by Tom Hackney

May 2015
by Angela Smith

April 2015
Mixed Media
by Wayne Tomlinson

June 2015
by Noel Bennett

June 2015
by Pom Fuller

August 2015
Papier Mache
by Tina Paramore

September 2015
Textiles by Jo Hill

October 2015
Textile Creations
by Louise Spenser

November 2015
Paintings by 
Craig Sumner

1st December
January 2016

by Michael Wheeley

April 2016
Ceramics  by Jo Hearn

May 16 to June 17 2016
Paper Making & Flower Pressings 
by Sally Hadley

June 18th - 24th 
Young Rotary Art Exhibition

August 2016 
Mr Hooker - Painter

September 2016 
Helen Cartlidge - Painter
October 2016 
Angela Smith - Jeweller
November 2016 
Christina Bennett - Pastel Artist

January 2017 
Paintings by Pom Fuller

March 2017
Papier Mache by Tina Paramore

April 2017
Textiles by Jo Hill

April 2019
Ceramics & Paintings by 
Malcolm Carr & Mark Harris
Previous exhibitions . . .

February 2019
Pastels by Vanessa Timmis

March 2019
Paintings by Ron Satterthwaite

May 2019
Work by G@12 members on the subject of 10.
Can you spot the 10's?
July 2019
Freda Harris - Artist
September 2019
Work Angela Smith - Jeweller 
August 2019
Work by the children of Donna Louise Hospice. 
Sponsored by James Du Pavey.
June 2019
Work by Edward Mckenzie - "Friesian Composition"
Next exhibition . . .

This month's exhibition . . .

Saturday 30th August- Thursday 26th September. 

“Waste Not Want Not”
With the environment being such a topical issue and concerns over the impact our rubbish is having on our planet and everything that lives on it, many people are looking at how to reduce the amount of waste they produce. 

There are no two ways about it, we have become a throwaway society. 
However many crafters have been bucking that trend for years, instinctively being hoarders whilst viewing the potential for junk as part of their next new creation.

This exhibition aims to highlight how unwanted items and materials destined for the bin can actually be turned into wearable jewellery. 
Angela has used old papers and magazines, bubblewrap, scraps of material and wool, corks, teabags, safety pins, and other unwanted items to create a selection of necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings. Most of the materials used for this exhibition have been stashed away for years waiting to re-use. 

Angela will be hosting a launch for her exhibition on Saturday 7th September 12pm - 4pm - if you would like to pop in a talk to her about her jewellery. 



The end bay in the upper gallery at Galleryat12 is available, at the discretion of the members, for individual artists or small groups to rent. The upper gallery is about 30ft long by 12ft wide with a barrel roof which reduces ceiling height in some areas to 5ft at one side. The end bay is 10ft long by 12ft wide and is suitable for displaying both wall hung, plinth mounted and free standing items

Promoting and advertising the exhibition.

  • The gallery will advertise the event through its own contacts list, web site and by other means that may be available at the time.

It is a condition of hiring the venue that the hirer:

  • Will also advertise the event via local newspapers and any other available means.
  • Will hold an exhibition launch party on or as near to the start of the exhibition as is practically possible.
  • Will invite as many of their own contacts as possible to the launch party in order to promote their own exhibition and to promote ‘Gallery at 12’ to a wider community.  

(The launch party need only be a simple affair with a few drinks and snack food made available. See also ‘Facilities available’.)  The cost of this is to be borne by the individual or group. 

Members of the gallery staff will be on hand during the launch to handle sales.

Facilities Available.

The upper gallery has daylight quality lighting and a number of 13amp outlets.

The gallery uses Perlon hanging systems. All wall hung items should therefore be provided with cord hanging systems. Individual wall hung items should not exceed 5kg in weight. If in doubt please contact the gallery to discuss.

The gallery has a range of lockable cabinets and plinths for display. Please discuss your needs before booking. Hirers are welcome to bring their own plinths but these must be plain white.

The gallery can accept customer payments by cash, cheque, debit or credit cards. See Charges for details. 

Glasses, plates and serving tables are available as part of the package.

The gallery has the use of kitchen and toilet facilities for the use of hirers and guests.

A small storage area is available for packaging materials and for replacement items.

More space may be available by negotiation.

All payments to the gallery must be made as follows:
• 50% non refundable deposit to be made at the time of the booking.
• Balance to be paid 2 weeks before the start of the hire period. 

It was proposed at our meeting on Friday that the 50% deposit be made three months in advance of the exhibition (this was proposed not having the current document to hand to check).  After due consideration I personally think that payment of 50% non refundable deposit to be made at the time of the booking as stated already is perhaps easier to manage for those stewarding the gallery.
It was also proposed at the meeting that the final balance of payment be made six weeks before the exhibition (the current requirement being just two weeks.)

My suggestion at this moment is to not make any changes* to the current document and to bring it up again at next months meeting as we seem to have put into effect a plan to take us through the next couple of exhibitions anyway.

Failure to pay the final balance by the due date (two weeks/six weeks?) will result in cancellation of the exhibition.

October 2019
Work Gabriele Smolarz - Artist

My journey into Art began as a child, drawing stick men with my grandfather.
After school, I studied Graphic Design at an academy in Germany.

My professional life was not in Graphic Design and Art remained a hobby until 2014, when I first publicised my work online.
This started my professional career in Art and I have since had gallery representation and been in a variety of exhibitions, nationally and internationally.
I adore patterns and love colours, shapes and textures, in nature and man-made. These elements inform my creativity strongly and are represented in my work in a variety of ways, from bold abstracts to detailed fine line patterns
My work and the mediums I use vary - from painting, to drawing, print and photographic designs.
I produce original work and work that has been digitised (drawings, prints and photography) and printed professionally on a variety of mediums (paper/acrylic/slate/wood, etc.).
This enables me to offer bespoke interior design services to homes and work places with original and printed work.

Exhibition in the upper Gallery throughout October 2019 with the chance to come meet and talk to the artist on Saturday 5th October - all welcome. 

This is a small selection of Gabriele’s work: